Ecriture de conte - Euro anglais 3e

par Aurélie Germain.

Les élèves de 3e de la section européenne anglais ont eu pour leur première tâche finale à réécrire la fin d’un conte célèbre ou inventer leur propre conte. Après une étude approfondie de la structure du conte avec divers documents écrits comme support, les élèves ont dû respecter les passages obligés définis en classe pour produire leur propre texte. Je vous en propose quelques uns à la lecture. Les textes, remaniés parfois, sont reproduits avec l’autorisation des élèves.

Little Thumb

Once upon a time, in a far away jungle, there was a little boy called Little Thumb. We called him like that because he was small. In a dark night, his parents spoke about the money in the family : « We don’t have the money for seven children, tomorrow, we must leave them in the jungle ».
At 7 o’clock :
« Boys, are you ready ? Let’s go to the jungle ! » They walked for one hour and finally stopped.
« We are in a famous place of this jungle, it is said that in this place, a famous oger hides in a gold case. With Mummy, we gonna let you search for it. »
The parents left and the children started to search for it. With their shovels, they dug a lot and thus didn’t find anything. They walked again and found a « lost » house. Then they entered. An oger was sitting at the table.
« Sorry Sir... we thought this house was empty. »
« No problem, what are you doing here ? »
« We were walking in the jungle, searching for a treasure. »
« Oh, the treasure of my grandfather, I finally know where it is hidden but I’m too old to search for it ».
« We can do that for you ».
And the old oger whispered that the treasure was at the top of a cliff. After that, the seven brothers went to the top of the cliff, dug and found an old case."
« Here is your treasure, but it’s really old money ».
« Oh that ? Accept these jewels in exchange for this symbol of my family. »
He gave them a map and they could go back to their house. They sold the jewels and lived happily ever after.

We mustn’t leave children in the jungle, sometimes, they can really help you.

(Texte produit par Antoine Cambon, 3eB)

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there was a Queen who had a beautiful baby daughter. She asked all the fairies in the kingdom to come to the christening but unfortunetally she forgot to invite one of them, who was a bit of a witch as well. She came anyway but she as she was walking past the baby cradle, she said :
« When you are sixteen, you will injure yourself with a spindle and die. »
Everybody was afraid . A fairy tried to save Princess Aurore so she cast another spell. When Aurore injured herself, she would not die, she would just sleep for 100 years until a Prince awoken her with a kiss. When it happened, she fell asleep and her parents put her in the most beautiful room in the kingdom.
A hundred years later, a Prince saw Aurore’s castle and he wondered who was living there. The little folk heard him and said :
« An extremely beautiful girl sleeps in a tower, she is waiting for her Prince. But if you want to meet the Princess, you must climb the highest mountains in the world to find the key to the castle under a rock in the mountain and kill the horrible monster who lives in the tower. »
The brave Prince decided to save the Princess !
So he climbed up the highest mountain for 50 days. Whereas he was losing hope, he found the key ! He ran to the castle, he opened the door and saw the monster.
It was an enormous, a terrible, a horrible... mouse ! It was as big as the Prince’s foot and had red eyes !
The Prince was scared but he did not have the choice. The mouse saw him and raced behind him. He ran and ran and ran but after a while he stopped and heard a crack. He looked at his foot, he had crushed the mouse ! Killing the monster was not really difficult after all.
The young Prince went to the stairs of the tower and climbed up, stopped half way, but he did not want to go back to his village until he had awoken Aurore, so he went on climbing.
He arrived in Aurore’s bedroom and saw her. She was very graceful and so beautiful. The Prince immediately fell in love with her. He woke her up but he was so ugly, the Princess prefered to injure herself a second time with another spindle to sleep for 100 years longer and wait for the following Prince.

All things come to those who wait.

(Texte produit par une élève de 3eB)

Snow White

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Snow White. Her skin was white as the snow, her lips were red like blood and she had black hair like ebony.
After an unfortunate incident with her stepmother, Snow White was homeless and lost in a scary wood.
She stayed alone in the forest to find a new home. Then she arrived at a little house with nobody inside, so she went in to sleep and make it become her own house.
After she ate one of the seven little breads and drank one of the seven little glasses of wine, she went to sleep in one of the little seven beds. But next the house owners came back home. They were very surprised when they saw that someone had come in their house.
And then they found Snow White in one of their beds. They were so happy to find her ; thus they did not wake her up. She then invented a sad story to explain why she was there and the dwarfs, who were very kind, said to her to stay with them if she wanted. The dwarfs were working at the mine all day long and all she had to do was the cleaning. But Snow White was lonely and selfish and she did not want to share this house. The dwarfs trusted her and they had to, indeed she decided to kill them to steal their house.
First she tried to strangle one at night but she did not manage to. The dwarfs still trusted her because they thought that that was a bandit. Second she tried to lose them in the forest but she did not know that the seven little men had a map. Finally she had a better idea : while she was preparing dinner, she put some poison in their soup.
They thought that it was delicious and the seven dwarfs fell on the floor, dead.

Do not welcome someone you do not know in your own house.

(Texte produit par Agathe Costé, 3eA)

Puss’n Boots

Once upon a time there was a poor family. The father was dead and his three children were alone. Their father gave them two cows and a donkey. The two oldest children had the cows and the youngest had a donkey. The two children who had the cows opened a farm. The third one, Tom, was disappointed with the donkey and did not know what to do with it. Once the donkey said to Tom :
« Buy me boots and also one red nose, wait and see, you will be rich ! »
Tom was surprised but he decided to believe in his donkey. He left his house and travelled across the country. One day, they arrived in a big city : Donlon. The donkey put on his red nose and his big boots. The donkey started to do something stupid : the clown ! The children of Donlon were laughing so much that we could hear them from the other side of the city. People started to give him money. Children gave to the donkey the name of « donkey clown ». One day, a miracle happened. A boy who couldn’t walk laughed and started to dance with the donkey. Miracle ! The boy was walking ! From that day on, the name of the donkey was « Doctor Donkey. »

Laughter is a cure for everything !

(Texte produit par Valentin Gallet, 3eA)


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks because she had very pretty goldy hair. You know her story with the three bears. But maybe you do not know the end of the story... As she left the three bears’ house, Goldilock lost herself in a giant forest. She walked around, here and there, and she met a little pink fairy who was flying in the air :
« Hello », the little fairy said, « do you know where you are ? »
« I am in a giant forest. »
« Not exactly... You are in the Fairy Tales Land. It’s a very beautiful Land, but if you want to live in it, you have to do some tasks... »
« Some tasks ? » asked Goldilocks.
« You must help some fairy tale characters... »
« I see... I don’t have the choice anyway, so what shall I do ? »
« Go this way », said the fairy, « and you will see ».
So Goldilocks walked, walked and walked away and she arrived near a house. A house made of bricks. The Three Little Pigs’ house.
« Hello Little Pig ! » said Goldilocks.
« Oh Goldilocks, can you help us ? We want to build a bigger house than this one. »
« Ok, I’m going to help you ... »
And she built a big big house for the Three Little Pigs.
Then she came back to the Fairy and asked her :
« I helped the Three Little Pigs, so can I go home now ? »
« I’m sorry, Goldilocks, you haven’t finished yet. Go this way and you will see... »
So, Goldilocks walked, walked and walked away and she found Cinderella. She was crying.
« Why are you crying ? » asked Goldilocks.
« I’ve lost my Prince and my shoe, I can’t find them anywhere. Can you help me ? »
« Yes of course. »
So Goldilocks tried to find the Prince and the shoe, and after three days, she came back with them.
Then she came back to the Fairy and asked her :
« I helped the Three Little Pigs and Cinderella, so can I go home now ? »
« I’m sorry, Goldilocks, you haven’t finished yet. Go this way and you will see... »
So, Goldilocks walked, walked and walked away and she arrived near to a big castle. She went in the castle, she climbed up the tallest tower and there she found Blue Beard’s wife.
« Oh My God, Goldilocks, please ! Blue Beard is going to kill me ! »
« Come with me », said Goldilocks.
But at that moment, Blue Beard arrived with a big knife, and the wind flew Goldilocks and Blue Beard’s wife through the window.
When she opened her eyes, the fairy was just next to Goldilocks.
« Goldilocks, you did it ! You can go back in your world now. »
« Oh, thank you very much, I can go back home now, bye bye ! »
« Go this way and you will arrive home, bye bye ! »

When you are determined, you can do almost everything you want.

(texte produit par Z.M., 3eA)